Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (17)

Seems like my plotting table really is a kicker and most of you think it's a brilliant idea *big fat grin*
It kind of came naturally when I started working with the observer room - glad it worked out.

Well I continued working on the ATHENA with some more decorations. The logo I'm using on it is a mix of a Templar-cross (or forked cross?) and an Fleur-de-lil as you can see in the sketch.

After I had the first cross cut (out of .5mm plasticard) I continued with the Fleur

Of course I had to re-create it for the other side too.

Somehow I forgot to take a photo after I mounted it....

Then I conducted the first test for the ATHENA skin. As most of you voted for a metal skin, I'm using .25mm plasticard - that's almost as thin as paper, but really nice to work with.

First two alternating sections and then on top the middle section, this worked out pretty well.

Then the rivets to indicate metal - and an Imperial requirement anyway

I am VERY satisfied with the outcome

now I have to order more sheets of the .25mm plasticard, as my current stock will only last for one side....

Then I built the first bomb ramp.

I decided to make a drop ramp rather than just a simple shaft.
It has an armor plate at the top, to protect it from enemy fire

While the sides are relatively open, so the bombs will be visible

From my calculations, 3 bombs will be visible (replaced here by some plastic piping)

And at the bottom a hydraulicly operated flap

And the whole ramp mounted on the side, in the rear third of the ATHENA

Since the actual body of the blimp would rather plain, I decided to add some kind of bouancy tank to the sides.
For this I cut an old plasticbottle apart

And mounted it in the lower central section

Some railing that hold it at the top and bottom

And then details and skin...

...and rivets *sigh*

But I think it is worth the effort

And in perspective with the whole ship - note the little stormtrooper at the bottom in front of the ATHENA
For the forward section of the blimp body (not the nose) I plan to create some kind of torpedo launcher, while the I'm still not sure how I will do the nose...

The artwork on looks really nice and shows the bow realtively armored and bulky.....Actually an idea I really fancy with - eventhough I'm not sure how to realize it yet.
Well, we'll see.