Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sniper and Ghillie suit

With the CHARON and the landing pad pretty much completed, I prepared the characters.
For this I mounted each on a small rod, that I can mount on a piece of wood.

Really helpful for spray painting the base coat.

Since I really want to know how the sniper turns out, I started with him.
First was a quick brush of Terracotta,

followed by Bronzed Flesh,

and Scorched Brown, as well as some spots of a 1:1 Scorched Brown and Chaos Black mix.

The rifle was based with Snakebite Leather and then a pattern of Tanned Flesh, Elf Flesh, and Scorched Brown.

The base color for the skin was Dwarf Flesh, and the shows as well as the respirator received a coat of dark grey.

With these base colors I wanted to see if/how the Ghillie camouflage would work on the Dencara landscape.
For this I used the baseplate of the THANTALOS diorama ( ).

Besides the Sniper is the Sergeant of the Dencarian storm troopers in his camo.

I think the Ghillie works perfect, doesn't it?

I still have to work some more on the shadows (giving him an inking of Devlan Mud),

and once dried I will ink some spots with Gysiphone Sepia,

and then work out the details.
But all in all I'm satisfied with the Ghillie suit.