Monday, July 5, 2010

Scratchbuilding a Rocket Pod

For the CHARON helicopter project I wanted to build a 7-shot rocket pod, similar to the US Hydra System

For this I needed Rockets (or at least the warheads).
So I cut a 1.5cm long piece of plasticrod (in the diameter you desire your rocket to be) and mounted it in the electric drill.

Then I slowly ran it first over a rasp and afterwards over a pad with sandpaper.

With this I had 7 rocket warheads in a minute. For more detailing I also added a small rim - holding a knife over the plasticrod, while it turned in the drill.

After that I mounted 7 piceces of plastic tubing in the proper diameter together to resemble the launcher. In addition I wraped a 5mm wide band of plasticard around it.

Then I glued the warheads into place.

And finally closed the rears with blast caps - small disks of plasicard.

And within no time I had a nice rocket pod for my CHARON.
I hope this is helpful to you.