Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inquisitor Hellsryche (2)

Sorry to those that receive updates via email or RSS that I accidentially posted an un-edited, actually un-commented version.

So here's the real thing.
Over the last two days I sculpted the cushions of the seats, the glass lenses for the headlights, and worked a bit on the driver - even though I'm not quite sure what kind of uniform he'll receive in the end.

Then I added some more cushons to the side of the passanger compartment.

And I added the doors.

As you can see they open very classical, and one door will be open...maybe held open by an Acolyte...

Then it was time to start with Hellsryche himself. As you can see I'm going to use the legs of Jarran Kell for this.

So after a bit of hacking and sewing, I have the legs.

A little extra work to remove the flag pole.

Then digging through the bits box - here the Cadian arms (only).
For the basic torso I use this Emperor Karl piece :)

And this is where Hellsryche himself will most likely be positioned.

Then the driver received his head - and old head I scuplted for some of the ZEUS' crew.

Looking at these images, I realize that I have to resculpt the ears - they look terrible!

Then I started with Hellsryches head - even though he's going to wear a hood, I still want to have a very characteristic face.

It's based on a Catachan head.

With some extra scars and bionics.

This will be "Igor" the factotum.

Then I started with the "book of accusation"

It's completely of plasticard (1mm for the back and 0.25mm for the pages)

Here's "Igor" now with the "Hammer of Inquisition" and first face surgery :)

This dude will be a priest, reading the charge from the Book of Accusation.

Igor with his new face - I think the facial surgery was a full success *lol*

The handle of the hammer must be re-aligned, they look bent right now.

Then the Book of Accusation on Igors back, together with the priest.

And finally another image with Hellsryche, the driver, and all seats in place.