Monday, February 14, 2011

Inquisitor Hellsryche (1)

While I'm waiting for some items needed to complete the "Boz o' da Dakka" scene and waiting for the votes of the Deathwatch competition to close, I was wondering what to do next...
...of course I could always continue on the ATHENA, or paint the STRIX, or...
...start something completely different :)

And while wandering the wide expanses of the internet and WH40K forums, I ran across a competition on Ammobunker for "Inquisitional Henchmen"

Now that's a really cool topic and a brilliant competition - but for me the timeline is a bit too competitive :-P

Nevertheless, it got me thinking.
And you know what happens then :D

Of course I could never be satisfied with simply building one miniature all by, Mr. Klaus must always build more, bigger, larger ...
So over a few nights a simple idea brewed into something that's far from simple *chuckle*

The working title is:
"Inquisitor Hellsryche - Court Martial in the Field"
and here's the tray with most pieces layed out.

But it also involves a bit of scratchbuilding.

Scratchbuilding a very special vehicle. It's a 6-wheeler.
For this I assembeld some old 1:48 T-34 raodwheels and put them on axles (the Dencarian Naval officer is only for scale)

The 6 wheels attached to the basic frame.

Next I started to build the chassis.

Very classical looking.

It may even remind you of this...

The next evening I started to build the hood.

And while doing so, I realized, the roadwheels don't really work out the way I wanted them.
So I experimented a bit with ProCreate and beefed one of the tires up.
Better :)

The next evening I started to work on the fenders.

I want to keep the classic lines, at the same time give it the bulky-ness of 40K.

The next evening I filled the gaps with putty and while this cured I began with some of the interior.

As well as I started to sculpt the other tires. They are not 100% clean and round, but within the scene or diorama they shoudl work out well (I hope).

The next evening I sanded down the putty.

And worked on the driver.

including a seat.

In the background you may be alble to see that I built 3 seats, while a big seat is already in the back of the limo.

The two bench thingies on the side will most likely contain some communications equipment, and maybe a "docking station" for a servitor skull...

To maintain the "classical feeling" I sculpted some (leather) cushions for the rear bench.

I will sculpt these cushions for all seats.
Well, this is as far as I got last night. Again, please remember this was the work of about 5 days.
I hope you like it so far and will look forward to the continuation :)