Monday, February 21, 2011

Inquisitor Hellsryche (3)

Since the last Hellsryche post I continued with sculpting and modifying the individual minis.
Here you can see the right hand, that is now holding the seat.

Then I started to detail the prosecutor.

And worked on his Tiara-style hat.

I also started on the two "victims", the accused.

As you can see I intend to have two Space Marines as subjects of the Witch Hunters investigation.

Not sure about the chapter, but I think I'll make them Dark Angels (so this all fits together with the "Boz o' da Dakka" and the "Stemming the Green Tide" dioramas).

Another character is a monk.

I am absolutely happy with the way his pose worked out!

Here is most of the crew with various sculpted pieces curing over night.

The next day I worked some more on Hellsryche himself, giving him the first shoulder armour.

Another detail on the prosecutor, the "I" on the belt buckle.

Then I mounted the Marines heads and the signs.

One will the labeled "Traitor" and the other "Coward".

Hellsryche's second shoulder armour.

Then the gloves

with cuffs.

Some ropes to hold the signs.


The Monk also received some details - a proper monkish haircut too :)

The prosecutor is now completed.

The female inquisitor also turned out nicely.

I hope you all like the update so far.