Monday, February 7, 2011

Ork Attack (3)

Well, progress over the last view days was (in my opinion) relatively slow, but now I realized that I have about 25 images to post today....guess I DID get something done after all :)

I painted the little Grot Ninja, and since he ended up relatively featureless and dull (well, black) I decided to give him a glowing powersword.

@Darkwing - I know this isn't really sneaky and Ninja-Like, but on the other hand, who'd be afraid of such a little Ninja, that only reaches about thigh high :)

With the powersword and a little glow he looks a bit more catchy.

And on the base it really fits nicely.

In a later image you can see that I even added a little glow to the stones.

Then it was time to begin with the boss.
As mentioned I wasn't sure if I'd go for the camo pattern or something else.
I decided to give him a relatively "traditional" paintjob, with lots of rust and some colored panels. For the base color I used Lemmingspawns recepie with a mix of Scorched Brown and Dark Skin with a little touch to red.

Over this I added a very, very thin wash of Tin Bizz (about 10:1 water:color)

Which at first looks quite shiny,

but another wash of Devlan Mud fixes things nicely.

Then I began to color some panels, using the traditional red, yellow, and blue.

Then some weathering using a piece of foam and a very dark grey and another wash of Devlan Mud.

While the Boss' paitn dried, I started with the Gretchin drummer.

He really looks cool on top of the Boss' shoulder.

Now I still have to do the two standards and the Marine.

I find it kind of ironic to have a green-skin fight against a green-armour, so I will paint the Marine as Dark Angel.
In the background you can see the banner and the standard at its current state.

I hope you like it :)