Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winner! :)

While I have to digest some serious real live issues again (Teddy-Cat sickness), I received the official message from DakkaDakka, that I did win the Deathwatch Killteam competition!

I'm very proud that my "Stemming the Green Tide" ended 2nd in the public voting, but was then declared winner by the judges voting:
The public voting made it very clearly a two-horse race and the private
final judges voting was quite decisive.

So I'm now allowed to wear the "Dakka Paint Champ" signature - which I'll do proudly

and I will also receive a signed copy of the Deathwatch RPG from Fantasy Flight - sponsored by Fantasy Flight

It was a great competition and all the entries were excellent - if you haven't yet, check them out!
A big Kudos to Yekface and Daggermaw for the organization, Skumle Rafte who was the winner of the public vote (but ended then 2nd), Reaper Man 2020, and all the other participants!
So thanks again for all the votes and support, thanks for the great competition, and thanks for the price :)

P.S. Despite the setback with Teddy I hope to be able to post an update for Hellsryche later today.