Monday, September 10, 2012

Orkalypse Now (11)

Hello, hello,
I hope you had a good weekend and are desperately looking forward to an update from me :)

Hehe, I certainly was able to get some painting done - not as much as I wished, but worth an update nevertheless.
I completed the gaiters with Snakebite Leather.

Then I used a very dark grey as base for all the black parts. By not using Chaos Black I can still add some shadows to the black areas easily.

For the visors I used a blue-ish version of the dark grey (hopefully) giving the impression of a semi-transparent blue visor.

Kommando Khaki was used for the various personal items.

Battlegrey for the battery packs.

And various little details that I didn't document.

They come together quite good.

But still a long way to go.

More details, like the lenses and flashlights.

One of the last steps are the shoulder pads with the green smiley - MHI logo from Larry Correia's "Monster Hunter International" series.

Then it was time to look into the cinematic effects.
Flames and Muzzle Flashes!

Here's a mid process shot of the flamer :)

While some of the paint dried I positioned the HERCULES on the base, to see how his camo pattern will work.

Wow! I really like it!

I'm still not really sure how I will do the laser beams, but I decided to give green a try...

First position shot!

The flames and muzzle flashes still need one more color (white : Sunburst Yellow mix) for the extreme highlights.

With the unfinished laser beams...

And the business end :D

All in all I like how it progresses, even without any OSL effects so far.
I hope you like it too :)
Thanks for your time reading through this update and I hope you enjoyed the update.
I look forward to your feedback and suggestions.