Thursday, September 13, 2012

Orkalypse Now (12)

Hi all,
since the last update I got quite some painting done :)
BTW, I posted an image on my facebook page, and Larry Correa, the author of Monster Hunter International, who's logo I used for the shoulder pad, dropped a:

Hehe :)

Here you can see the laser beam color changed again, and it's now a very bright green.

I added a lot of details to the troopers.

Some shading, some highlighting.

The lenses and flashlights got some attention.

and the faces got the first details.

Here's Scarface with the Grenade Launcher

Major Reismann, One-Eye, and Red Crow blasting away :)

And then it was time to work on the light effects for the base.

Looks good :)

Some face details...
No name yet

no name yet

Corporal Red Crow

Sergeant Pointer

Major Reismann

Sergeant Milo

No Name...

No name...

Captain Rambo

Corporal One-Eye

And here is the central bolter group blasting away.
They still need some highlights and reflections on the visors, some smoothening of the light effects.

Well, I hope you like todays update and the progress I made.
I thank you very much for taking your time reading and I hope you enjoyed todays update.
I really look forward to your comments, suggestions, and feedback.