Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Orkalypse Now (14)

Hey all,
while the PONOS is on my desk for painting I had the rare opportunity for a "butt shot" of the team :)

Other than that, I started to work on the tracks.
First I added a bunch of rust spots, using Vermin Brown.

Then I filled the remaining track area with a mix of beige and red - close to the terracotta of the ground, but not quite.

While the paint on the tracks dried I completed the Monster Hunter logo on the hood.

And I started with the slogan banners on the fenders,

and the rear ramp.

I did a lot of little detailing on the roof,

including the cables, the luggage and the tools.

Purity Seals and spent brass (cartridges), as well as the two interior sections for the side exit.

The gecko style face :)

"Sic Transit, Gloria Mundi", the Monster Hunter slogan.

With the interior sections glued in place, I mounted the tracks to the body.

On the base again!

Now it is time for all the weathering, battle damage, dirt, etc.

I think this will be fun :)