Monday, September 3, 2012

Orkalypse Now (9)

Hi guys,
thanks for your feedback and suggestions - lots of color-theories on the lasers :)

Unfortunately I couldn't get much done over the last few days, as real live (TM) kept me quite busy.
Nevertheless I began to experiment with the lasers. So I selected these 5 possible laser colors:
Red, blue, green, purple, and yellow and painted the first beams.

It was a quick and dirty job (being half drunken too).

And there were some lessons learned:
  1. Don't PUI (paint under influence)
  2. the light bubbles at the root of the beam are too big
  3. The colors actually don't really matter, as the white will flush most of it

So with lesson 2 in mind I created new beams, with a smaller root bubble.
Quite a difference already.

But then I decided to try another model, with a bit of a burst at the root.
This used pretty much the same technique as the Bolter flashes, just on a smaller scale and on a longer rod.

To see how this works out I painted one of each version and both in the red colors.

Actually not bad, and I think I will go with the "burst" version and a red beam. But I think I will leave the light transitional color mix of white and red (actually creating a pale pink) and go straight from red to white.
What do you think?
Thanks for your suggestions and feedback - I look forward to it.