Monday, October 1, 2012

Swift, Silent & Deadly (2)

Thanks guys!
I really appreciate your feedback.
One suggestion I got was that at least one of the troopers needed a knife, to make a connection with the dead Ork in the background.
However, since all of them already had their rifles in hand, and it is sooo damn hard to find good IG arms without a rifle attached, I decided to rather give the central trooper a knife sticking in the ground in front of him.
 Not the best solution, but it'll suffice....

The next feedback comment were the magazines.
And I agree, the quick solution I had in place doesn't do the scene justice, so I decided to make my own magazines from scratch.

First I mounted 3 groups of 5 "cartridges" on a small strip of .25mm plasticard.
Then I cut some even thinner strips and mounted them as sides.

And finally some extremely thin strips on top...
Plus some strips at the bottom across...
And finally some base, to close it all off.
What a tiny, fidgety work, but I think it was worth the effort.
And with this, the build was complete!
Hurray, not it was time to gather the colors.
I used the airbrush to apply the first coats of green.
Applying the color from top down - zenithal?.
With only 4 shades of green,
I got this far :)
Already looks promising....
Next I applied a wash of Badab Black to work out some of the outlines and recesses.
Looking at my reference photos, all red and brown colors are extremely dark, while the metal items are rather bright in color.
After about 9hrs of painting I got this result:
Actually the photos don't do it justice, but it is very hard to get good photos.
But I think you get the idea :)
I am actually pleased of the result.
So here is its new home in the cabinet
In good company :)
Tonight I will try to get some better photos...
In the meantime, you may watch the video I uploaded to Youtube:

So, what's next?
Hmm, I'm really not sure :)
  1. I could obviously continue with the ATHENA, incorporating the lights.
  2. I could complete the Can Opener, finishing the paint job 
or I have some potential new projects
  1. The workshop - a kind of humorous scene
  2. Beach Landing - building another PONOS, this time in an amphibious assault
  3. Taking a Break - a completely new scenic diorama, involving a pilot (not sure if walker of aircraft) taking a break in front of a real background...
  4. Deadly Team - building a group (4 or 5) "Heavy Jaegers" with the experimental armor, as used in the Can Opener
  5. Excavation - also a more scenic diorama involving some archaeologists digging up a wreck of an old vehicle, tank, or the like
Most of these new projects are so far only vague ideas, I did some preliminary Internet research and have some foggy thoughts on how to realize them.
So, what do you think?