Monday, October 15, 2012

Tomb Raiders (2)

Hi all,

the last week was very busy at work plus a lot of private things to do, so work on the Tomb Raiders diorama was very slow.
While building I thought a bit about the fluff behind the scene and couldn't really get anything useful with Tyranids. So I changed the setting a bit and it will be Necrons instead.
Also I exchanged the Imps against my Crimson Guardians.

As you can see, the temple changed slightly too. There is now a opening in the floor, leading down to a seperate crypt.

Plus a broken pillar on the front corner that will set a visual border to the diorama. I will add a painted background for the large opening.

I will add lots of rubble and many vines, but the actual temple build is now completed.

And here we have the first casuality :)
This is Brother Janus receiving a mortal hit.    

Just as Brother Erbas reaches down to grab the sacred chalice the Necrons attack.   

There will be Scarabs attacking from the top, coming down the wall, there will be one or two Necrons emerging from the crypt (which shoot Brother Janus), and there will be another Necron on the broken pillar.

As you can see I use Grey Knights for my Crimson Guardians.
This time the Crimson Guardians are on a active relic hunt ala Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, trying to recover the sacred chalice of Lord Mathias von Schultz on Tiber. This will then tie in to the "Bying Time" diorama where Brother Bertan and Sister Emilia will do the final sacrifice and hold back the attacking Necrons at the Corellian Base, while the rest of the party makes their escape, with the sacred chalice in their posession :)


Here is a close of Brother Erbas reaching for the Chalice as the carnage starts.

So, what do you think?
Suggestions, improvements?
Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed todays update and I look forward to your feedack.