Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tomb Raiders (3)

Thank you Ray :)

Looks as if I'm catching a cold, so despite having my first real hobby evening in over a week I got relatively little done :(

I started off with placing a lot of rubble on the base.
Which also enabled me to position the Apothecary Brother Chelnov higher, so he will be better visible later on.

Then I started with my first Necron.
Its also my first Finecast....
I have to say I'm not very much impressed - there is a lot of cleanup to do.

Since he got his head bowed down, the only logical position was really on top of the pillar - but I think he fits perfectly there.

Since this is my first Necron experience I'm still trying to get the feel for the models. They are pretty much stock (no Santa modifications) and I have to rely solely on the pose to give them something unique.

As you can see I will have one Deathmark shooting Brother Janus, another Deathmark is being shot and flung back by Brother Jaccus, and a Praetorian is emerging from the crypt.

This is a closer shot of the Praetorian.

Next I will add a bunch of Scarabs - some emerging from the crypt, some on and around the pillar with the Necron Lord, and a whole bunch (thanks to a generous offer by Chelnov) coming down the wall, emerging from behind the throne etc.
And then the remaining vines, plus some more rubble and debris.

But, I need your help now.
As mentioned I'm new to the Necrons, so I'd like to get your feedback on them. What do you think, do they fit, how do they look, is my combination of weapons OK, poses, positions, improvements, any fancy modifications or poses?
Also paint schemes!
Any idea besides the standard? I will use green light effects for them, that's for sure, but what about the rest? As mentioned, the scene itself will be relatively dark, the Crimson Guardians will be red and black, the energy weapons most likely standard blue-ish and the Necron light effects will be green.

Thanks guys!