Monday, October 29, 2012

Tomb Raiders (6)

Hi guys,
The damn cold had me longer in its fangs than I ever expected plus there's some family stuff I have to sort out, regarding the "seriousness" of the hobby.
But at least the Tomb Raiders diorama is picking up speed again.

As mentioned, the Dutch postal service somehow wasn't able to send a small envelop with Scarabs to me, so I had to "create" some myself. Took a few days, but at least I got all the Scarabs I wanted...
Here you can see all the Scarabs assembled - scurrying :)

All actors on stage

and ready for priming.

But then, really last minute, the Scarabs from Chelnov arrived, so I was able to replace my "created" ones against the originals.

My desk after priming - everything set to start the big adventure :D

I started with the Temple in a dark beige and the mural on the back wall.

Still very early, but it looks promising I think.

So what do you think so far?
I will place most parts in the shadows - only lighted by the OSL effects of the Scarabs and some Muzzle flashes. The statues will also have some green light effects around the cracks, where the Necrons "peel" out.
And the "throne" will be in a ray of relative bright daylight.
I look forward to your comments, feedback and suggestions.