Friday, October 19, 2012

Tomb Raiders (4)

Hi all,

well as expected I did get a cold, and it hampered progress quite strong.
Nevertheless I dis make some progress.
It seems like the newest version of Disqus is preventing some of you to comment directly and so I have received a lot of feedback via email, or in the forums. I hope a better Disqus version will be available soon.
Anyhow, many comments stated that the Necrons were too few, and not "ambushy" enough. Like Rawsons comment:
The scene doesn't really have the ambush feel to me yet. What about a door in the corner (or a balcony on the side) with more necrons emerging? 4 necrons (even if 1 is a lord) and a lot of scarabs aren't really a match for 7 Crimson Guardians in terminator armor. 
So the idea is that the Necron Lord with the resurrection orb is awakening some more Necrons. To simulate this, I decided to place several statues in the scene, that are in various stages of "resurrection" :)

For this I'm using some old Tamiya tankers

Unfortunately the Necron range has a very limited offer of arms, so I have to experiment a bit.

In addition I had to remove some of the rubble again, to make room for those statues along the walls.

It looks a bit crowded now, but I hope that the darkness and light effects, that will pick out some members, while others remain in the shadows, will organize the scene better.




My desk really is a mess after this :)


To make the statues look a bit more like stone I gave them a rough coat with a mix of deluded plaster, some PVA and fine sand.


Then I added some minor details to the Crimson Guardians.

So every Bolter now has a small light on top (taken from the Space Hulk Termies).

Even though this part of the scene will hardly be visible, I will add some greenstuff to make this Necron look like he's morphing out of the wall, thus surprising Brother Janus.

Which takes some mortal shots in return.

Then I positioned the first 12 Scarabs (hopefully another 24 are in the mail), looking like they exit the tomb.

And I placed the final vines and Liana's.

Some still taped in position till the PVA is cured.


So this is as far as I got - all that's still left are the remaining Scarabs and then I will start painting.
Also common feedback was "not to use the standard Boltgun pattern". To which I agree, and I will most likely try a porcelain, bone color pattern with lots of weathering, rust etc.

What do you think?