Friday, January 10, 2014

Ghosts in the rubble (1)

Now that the POLEMOS is pretty much completed (needs all rivets and maybe some cables) I decided to name the posts after the scene rather than after the vehicle.
So going forward they will be labeled "Ghosts in the rubble".

I considered some of the feedback in the forums and decided to rework the flames for the Molotov's.
I'm very glad I did :)
This looks more realistic
It was actually rather easy too.
While the ProSculpt cured I cleaned up the Captain and the wounded soldier.
He's now kind of protecting the downed guy.
While looking at the available arms I realized that I have tons of standard firing arms...
maybe I should start using them, or consider trading them in for some of the more "exotic" arms :-P
This is the "surprised" trooper - turning to the new sound of gunfire.
One of the LasRilfemen at the barricade.
And the dead trooper.
For the heads I decided to use the helmet design I used for the "Orkalypse Now" troops. I used the heads from Mad Robots (  ) and sculpted the helmets with ProSculpt.

The scene is coming along nicely
I think it gives a bit of the dramatic feel I'd like to show.
Then the weapons received a once-over, got sights and flashlights.
And this is the scene as of today :)
I hope you like today's update and I look forward to your C&C.