Monday, January 13, 2014

Ghosts in the rubble (2)

@Malevengion - Yes!
But not every weapon will get a cinematic effect - that would be overwhelming.

On Friday the scene was pretty much complete, so mainly a lot of "cosmetics" to do :)
First I added some cables (for the two smoke launchers and the rear ramp) as well as rivets to the POLEMOS.
The first cinematic effect is for the automatic grenade launcher.
Since it is a low velocity weapon I had to create a different muzzle effect that with the auto-cannons.
You can actually still see the projectile and a bit of a flash.
Then all the sights and flashlights received their lenses as well as the troopers got some personal equipment and knee pads.
Spent cartridges on the deck of the POLEMOS.
Cable for the infantry phone.
And cinematic effects for the spent cartridges. The top one is for the auto-cannon with the longer cartridges and lower rate of fire, the lower piece is for the machine gun.
Also I finally drilled open the barrels of the Ork weapons.
Once the glue for the ejected cartridges had cured properly I mounted them to the weapons.
I think this looks rather nice :)
Well, the desk looked pretty messy, but this was it :)
The final shots before priming (today or tomorrow).
Closer shot of the Imperial squad,
and the Ork attackers.
I hope you like it :)
I look forward to your C&C.