Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year and POLEMOS - Urban Combat Vehicle (2)

Happy New Year!
I hope you had a great time and a wonderful start into 2014!
Miss (not) Santa and I had a great 5 course Italian dinner with a lot of Champagne, and despite a very annoying cold we had a good time and enjoyed the fireworks.

Well, the blog is still about 3 days behind the actual building.
So despite many of you may experience a hangover, lets see how the POLEMOS is coming along.

To add more details I created ammo belts for the two weapon stations.
This here is the auto cannon belt.

And the ammo for the Automatic Grenade Launcher.

And both belts in position on the gun mounts.

Then I installed the mounts for the two remote-controlled MG's

Then I started to work on the engine deck.

And added hatches to the top.

Some searchlights

And the headlights. As you can see I try to partially resemble the look of the PONOS.

Here on the side I added the exhaust and the box for the Infantry Phone.

On the rear is also a ramp.

Like on the Israeli APC's

The Infantry Phone :)


 And the facial expression.

I hope you like today's update and I look forward to your C&C.