Thursday, January 2, 2014

POLEMOS - Urban Combat Vehicle (3)

Hi all,
today I'm finally catching up with the actual build :)

As the weapons and ammo belts were completed I built two sights for the main turrets.
These are mounted directly on top of the gun mounts.
In addition, the casts are coming along nicely.
The rear ramp received a looking window (again, similar to the Israeli Achzarit APC)
Since I'm trying to build the POLEMOS 100% scratch built, I created vision ports - tiny little buggers.
But positioned on the POLEMOS, they look really nice.
Rotatable Smoke Grenade Launchers.
And ammo cans for the two remote-controlled MG's
Still 100% scratch-built :)

With the first 4 road wheels casted, I decided to mount them.



Yeah! They look exactly as I wanted them :)

The forward wheels (can't remember their name...)



And scratch built drive sprockets.

That's as far as I got.
I hope you like it :)