Thursday, June 16, 2011

Da Green Knaits!

Hello all,

as promised I will give you today an update on my entry for the "Line Breaker Contest" at WIP.

Here you can see the contest image I submitted :)
Green Knaits?
Well these days everybody is talking about Grey Knights, so the Orks need to counter somehow, don't they :)
 In this rear shot you can also see the pillbox I built.
Unfortunately I couldn't complete the diorama by the time of the deadline, so some of the intended pieces are either missing, or at least not properly painted.

Here are some WIP shots for the first Knait, the one with the Seizmik 'ammer 
 The basic body is pretty simple, but it was always balanced, so it could always stand by itself.
 The first fist.
 And here you can already see the final posture.
 Da 'ead with nice Jaws
 Feet added.
 Da Shield
Coming together
 Size comparison with the old Waaaaargh Boss.
 Tank for the burna and exhausts.
 The 'ammerhead is bigger than a standard trooper :)
 Size matters!
 And da completed Knait!
I hope you like it.
Tomorrow I will post WIPs of the second Knait.