Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Thanks guys :)

Atreides127 raised a good point: How do I plan to paint the HERCULES?
Actually I have no real idea yet. I'm tempted between a ZEUS style or a camouflage pattern. Even though I have no idea about a camo pattern either.

What would you guys suggest?
Post some ideas and I will add a Poll for you all to vote :)

@Courtneyhollyoake - Yes, actually the angles of the track skirts are too strong for the tracks to really smoothly move around - I realized that as I mounted the tracks :(

@Oni Akki - oh yes, I will make sure that the tank will fit the bridge (incl. the Sponsons), but I will make sure it is a narrow fit, so that the ground guide is really in order :)

Well, todays update is relatively small.
I continued with the remaining rivets. Here you can see the completed side,

and the completed top.

Next was the GS action for the commander. As mentioned previously he received a scarf to make up for the raised head. But I also gave him some headphones and a nice moustache.

This will be the ground guides head.

While the driver doesn't seem to be too happy with the ground guides instructions :-P

That's all for today.

Most likely I will post something completely different tomorrow ... :)

Tease, teas, tease