Monday, June 20, 2011


Hello all,
well progress was a bit slower now, as I had to wait for some pieces to cure.
Nevertheless I have a lot of images again :)

This is the beginning of the bridge, with the first cobblestone details scribed into it.
As intended, a narrow fit. 
Next I started with the base work for the gorge. 
And this is how it shall look together. 
So I applied the plaster, added another support for the bridge, as well as two large pieces at the mouth of the bridge. Maybe I will add two statues there... 
Here I added some structure to most of the plaster. 
The side walls for the bridge, and some small debris. 

On Staurday my order for plastic pipes finally arrived! 
Time to build two "Super-Vanqishers" 
With strips of plasicard I added some details to the gun tubes. 
To do so, I glued the start of the strip to the barrel, 
and then wraped (and glued) it around until a sufficient diameter is achieved. 
Nice :) 
As said:
 Details applied.

Then the next round of plaster was cured and I could work on the rear part of the bridge and the road. 
This is as far as I got. The brdige itself is still removable for painting. I still have to add some debris and rubble.
As mentioned I'm thinking about adding a statue...
I hope you like it :)