Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hercules - Son of ZEUS

While I was deciding on what to build for the Line Breaker Contest I consulted a lot of my old WWII books.
One of the images I stumbled across was this image showing the crossing of an emergency bridge with some Panzer IV's. And while I built something quite different for the contest the image stuck.

And you know me :)

So, despite having a lot of unfinished projects, I had to work on this new idea. So here's the first sketch of the situation and the resulting tank.

I think it will be somewhere in the Macharius or Baneblade range - the overall size will be 16cm wide and 22.5cm long.

The basic hull was built with the strong 1.5mm plasticard.

With a standard IG trooper for scale.

Height (without turret) will be around 6.5cm

The basic hull shape completed.

Then I fiddeled with the deck layout. As you can see the driver will be in the center and there will be two bow gunners with heavy Bolters to the left and right.

The turret will be mounted on an elevated platform (similar to the Banes).

Since my angle calculation really sucks I had to use a lot of putty to fill the gaps :-P

But with some sanding the rsult is to my satisfaction.

Next was the drivers compartment

again my angular calculation was everything but accurate :)

For the Bolters I used the sponson Bolters from a LR, but as you may see, I did cut the mounting mechanism down a bit.

The housing slowly takes shape.

And this is as far as I got with the Hercules.

What do you think?
C&C welcome and apreciated.