Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hey guys,
thanks for the feedback - it keeps the motor running.

I continued the build by adding details to the turret. Here you can see the pencil sketch on the turret...

...and then the plasticard version of it.

Then I started to add the first rivets.

Next was the cargo basket on the sides of the turret.

As you can see it's wide enough to fit a canister or one of those cargo boxes.

Then some railing.

I think it gives the turret a very nice outline and the extra width balances it with the large and high hull.

And finally some extra armour plates to the baskets.

With the turret complete I decided the next step would be to add the first tracks, so I can add the track covers.

Here you can see the tracks I had casted so far.

After cleanup and seperation into the two motives (one has the winged skull and one has the aquila).

Then I mounted the first 4 sections on each side,

as well as 3 sections on the rear.

This gave me enough to start with the supporting walls for the track covers.

The track covers are relatively thin (.5mm), but the forward section pretty much resembles the ZEUS track cover.

Then I decided for the sake of the diorama topic to actually add the driver. So I removed the closed casted hatch and replaced it with an open hatch and an crew exposed driver.

He can now interact with the ground guide :)

I also added smoke discharges on the forward hull as well as the turret. Currently the ones on the turret are open, while the hull ones are closed.

What do you think? Should I keep them open?

Then I added more details like headlights, hooks, tow cable, ect.

Next I soaked some tissue in a water:PVA mix to create some rolled-up canvas as well as an aerial recognition flag on the turret rear.

For ease of painting and the continuation of the build, the flag is removable.

Then it was time to create some rivets...boring work.

I'm about 50% done with the rivets.

But I really like the look of the HERCULES.

And here's a first sketchy mock-up of the diorama.

As you can see it will be a very narrow cobblestone bridge with high side walls leading over a steep gorge with lava.

So what do you think?
I hope you like it :)