Friday, July 1, 2011


With the mostly positive feedback I continued with the Dencara pattern and base coated the turret,

and applied the Ocre (Vallejo Air 033) lines.

I repeated this also for the main gun.

Then I sprayed the inner lines with Caoba (VA 036).

On the diorama this is now looking pretty good.

Another part of the Dencara pattern are some very light and some very dark spots. For this I used my hole-punch and created a stencil to spray the dots (VA Light Brown 027) onto the tank.

However, I think the dots are to big and too blurry (due to the thinkness of the stencil)

So I went back and applied the light dots with a brush :)

And then I had to repeat it with a dark color (Vallejo Game Color "Smokey Ink - 068).

Even though its just a few little dots, I think it makes a huge difference.


Looking good, don't you think?

So now all the detials (tools, lights, guns, sights etc.) and then the weathering and damaging can start.

I hope you like it.