Monday, July 4, 2011


Thanks for your comments :)

It's been a busy weekend and I accomplished quite a bit.
First the tracks were re-painted black and then received a lot of rust spots, using Vermin Brown.

After that I used the same color as I did for the road to fill the main areas of the tracks.

Then a dark brown wash to smoothen the colors.

Next I prepared the forward banner - using Red Gore as dark base color, darkened with Scorched Brown and highlighted with Blood Red.

For the Battalion marking on the side of the hull I used the liquid masking film from Vallejo.

Simply apply it with a brush, let it dry and then you can spray or brush the color over it.

Once everything is dry, it's easy to peel or rub it off.

Pretty much the same effect as salt.

On Saturday the tracks were completed with Boltgun Metal and a Badab Black wash. After that I added the front slogan:
"Post me, Nihil Est!" - "After (beyond) me, there's nothing"
I think this is a nice slogan for a vehicle that's about to run you over :-D

With the hull pretty much completed I turned my attention to the turret. Adding color to the cabeling and the signs.

Jasevx on Ammobunker asked for a comparison shot with a Baneblade. But since I don't posess a Bane, the ZEUS and a Chimera need to suffice :)

Despite being dwarfed by the ZEUS, it still dwarfes the Chimera nicely.

The turret also received some red banners, as well as a parchment colored name scroll.

The next slogan:
"Emperatorus Vincit Omnia!" - The Emperor always wins.

and "Terror Belli, Decus Pacis" - Terror in War, Adornment in Piece"

And finally the name of the tank:
Elric - a tip of the hat to
Michael Moorcocks Elric of Melniboné one incarnation of the Eternal Champion.

Quite a tragic hero, but one of my favourites reads of "long, long ago and far away" times :)

Maybe I can find a good spot for an image on the HERCULES...

I hope you like todays update and thanks for your time.

Let me know what you think.