Monday, July 11, 2011


Thanks guys,
your feedback and suggestions are essential :)

I added scorch marks to the muzzles with the airbrush.

Then some soot stains from the flamers as well as detailing the lenses (Thanks Salamndr for pointing them out).

On the other side I also added a repair patch with several Purity Seals ... simply because this is the "dark side" of the diorama, and I was too lazy to do another Elric mural :-P

After these last details I gathered my pigments.

The first go looks very chaotic and too much, but after I applied a coat of spirit and another coat of flat varnish with the airbrush it looks a lot better.

I also added a stip of dust around the lower parts of the hull, the wheels and the tracks.

Of course this "travel dust" is also on the front hull.

The turret also received some dusting - it creates some very nice effects around the hatches, sights etc.

After the "dusting" I gathered the little extras like rucksacks, bags, canvas, water cans, Jerry Cans, ammo boxes, ect. and began to paint them.

While working with these small pieces I'm really thankful for the medical gloves :)

Once the extras were painted, washed and dusted I mounted them into their positions.

And with this the Elric itself is completed.

Now I need to start on the crew and their hatches. They (including the Ground Guide) will wear the navy blue uniforms with silver ornaments, while the "surveyor" and officer at the side of the bridge will receive the Dencara disruptive pattern uniform.

Thanks for your time and I hope you liked todays update :)