Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Thank you TheInnerGeek :)
These comments keep the motor running :D

Luckily Vintersorg at the WIP forum (who already helped me out with some slogans on the ZEUS), pointed out that I made a mistake in one of the slogans.
Emperatorus is absolute nonsense and should be Imperator.
So, I repainted parts of the scroll.

And while the red paint dried, I started with the Elric mural.
Here you can see the pencil sketch.

The first colors,

and the final image.

From a distance it looks pretty good - I think.

In the meantime I repaired the scroll as good as possible and it is now ready for the corrected slogan.

Better :)

Well, get a last look of the "prestine" HERCULES, as now the weathering will begin.

First a wash of deluted dark brown (a mix of Scorched Brown and Chaos Black, deluted ~20:1)

Here you can also see the vehicle markings I added. It identifies the vehicle as Alpha Company vehicle 66 (usually the company commander), 3rd Battalion, 69th Armor Regiment, XIX Dencara Guards Division.

Then the sides received an additional wash of deluted black.

Since the HERCULES is a real workhorse on Dencara, and the XIX Guards are in constant battle against the Orks (and now also Nids), it's been a while since the "Elric" has seen a good service workshop, or even a paint bucket.

For the chipped paint I used a mix of (Vallejo Game Color) Dark Flesh and Black, which I applied with a sponge.

After all the sponge weathering, I added some more details with a brush.

And since several readers pointed out the "drooping guns", I finally glued them in place :)

Then all the lenses and lights received their details.

Unless you spot anything missing, I will start (hopefully) tonight with some pigments, adding dust and dried mud.

Let me know if you spot anything and what you think.