Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Switching to secret mode again :)

Unfortunately (for you) the W.I.P. forum is conducting another contest.


New ‘Summer Heat’ competition.

The new competition to keep all you conversion, scratch building and gaming addicts active these next months is this – Summer Heat.

A fairly open brief on this competition to allow entries from all games and all levels. We want to see your finest heavy support option ready to set the worlds afire! The hotter, the better!

We will accept conversions, scratchbuilds or straight out of the box builds in any scale. Any race/army accepted and encouraged and any rules system!

1) All entries due by 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8) on the 08/31/11 (August 31st, 2011).

2) All entries must be submitted with ONE 700x700 max photo (you may make it a collage, you may also send more, but only one will be posted) Any entries not fitting that criteria will NOT be entered (if there is time left you may fix and resend it)

3) All entries will be submitted to "The Contest Guy" (the contest guy may be one of several people, whoever is running that contest, or perhaps multiple people if deemed needed)

4) All judges ruling is final.

5) Voting will begin shortly after the 31st, and will last for approx 2 weeks

Time to get working.

Since the WIP contest rules don't allow any progress updates I will have to do my build secretly.
I have a "big" idea (again), but it's something completely different from what I did so far.
I'll log everthing with the camera and once the competition is over I'll post all the images and details.
Sorry for the "absence" - maybe I'll post some "covered" & cencored images :)