Saturday, May 19, 2012

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (75)

Happy Anniversary :)
The 75th ATHENA post!
Wow, quite a journey, and we're not at the destination yet. It started on May 22nd 2009 (!) with this post.
Then it came to a hard stop with the death of my JoJo cat in November 2010.
Since then a lot of time has passed, several projects were started, and I even finished one or two of them :)
After the video I've done this week, I decided it was time to continue with the ATHENA.
Wow, can I really hear some cheers out there in the Aether?!? :)
As discussed in the video I want to first complete the cabin underneath the main hull. First is the actual observer deck, and for this I was preparing three naval soldiers. Unfortunately the flash card of my camera went nutso, so all the WIP images are lost - but not the soldiers :)
While the PC cured I decided to work on the two small AA-turrets. So I dug out the old plans I had from the ZEUS and cut the pieces...
Either my plans are pretty crappy, or I'm way out of exercise - quite ill fitting.
So lots of putty was required.
Compared to the ZEUS AA-turret.
After sanding it looks better :)

Next were the ornaments - for this I prepared a strip 0.5mm plasticard in the right height and then drew the form I wanted.
Still a bit edgy, but I'm getting there.

All the ornaments in place.
Then I prepared the pieces for the small las-guns

and assembled them :)
Mounted on the gun blocks

And the final turrets with rivets and sights.

Here is now an image of the plotting table for the observation deck.
And the 3 naval observers

In position

And the turrets in position

from the rear
I hope you enjoyed this little post.
Most likely I will continue with painting the 3 observers, so I can glue them into their final postition and maybe even permanently attach the cabin to the hull (not sure if I really want to do that).
C&C welcome :)