Friday, May 25, 2012

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (77)

Thanks guys.
So based on your feedback I will have to look into lighting the ATHENA up.
Any hints, tip, tutorials are greatly appreciated, as I'm really a "short" when it comes to electricity :)

Well, as promised I began to work on the command deck of the ATHENA. Actually the interior of it.
This is how it looked so far on the inside.

First I built a base plate that would fit inside the bridge.

and then started to build up the walls.

For the rear wall I had the idea for some ornaments - keeping up with the steampunk motto.

And also picking up the older unit crest of the MCMXIX (1919th) Atmospheric Strike Fleet - the Griffins.

Quite some delicate cutting,

but it looks great on the wall. And you can also see the "holographic projector" in front of the wall.

Some more instruments for the other wall (you can also see the "teeth" of the sliding door).

Some more details

And the finished scene with the command crew.

@Lord Gordon - Andreas, as you can see this area is too small (and will later be too dark) to add your liaison officer here. So my idea is to have him with the recon crew on the rear deck (in full sight) with the mechs readying the recon drones - is that OK with you?
With the compartment on top it is still mostly visible.
And actually I like the looks very much :)

Once I was satisfied with the conference room, I started with the actual bridge

and its instrument banks.

Plus a central intrument desk for the officer in charge.

The idea is to have the bridge operated by servitors.
And this is OTTO the commanding Servitor.

Two more servitors in the first build. As you can see they are all levitating above ground (as I didn't want to build any tracks or wheels).

Here you can see all 4 in position.

First arms and hands

And with all detials in place.

All four together.

For the actual instruments I wanted to replicate something similar to what I had built a long time ago for the deck of the Aircraft Carrier version.

This is the central instrument panel with two large screens.
The left panel with many gauges.

and the right panel.

The CO console.

And all pieces together.

Not quite the Enterprise, but I think this is looking very sexy :)
A shame most of it will be completely lost when the ATHENA is finished....

Next is now to paint everything.

As I type this all pieces are base painted and the spray paint is drying :)
So, what do you think?
I hope you enjoyed this little update.
C&C welcome.