Friday, May 4, 2012

Rear Guard (4)

Thanks for your feedback guys!

Well, I finished Brother Berthan, including some light nad glowing effects.

I find it rather hard to get good photos that really show the lighting effects, regardless of the light in the room.

But hopefully you can get a good impression from these.

This is the direct comparison to the original.

I'm quite pleased with the outcome :)

@Werner Oroxon: yes, I'm pretty fast, but sometimes too fast for my own good :(
See below.

Yesterday I was about to start painting Sister Emilia when I realized with SHOCK that her hand was all wrong!!!

For some reason it escaped my attention so far, but I mounted a right hand on her left arm :(

I immediately took her appart again...

but then had to realize, that I had no more left hands in my bits drawer.

So I had to sculpt one from scratch.

I think it is OK and once painted, it should fit nicely.

I had to wait till it was cured, so only a very small update here.

Once primed with black it looks good.

Then I applied all the base colors again...

At this stage the model looks really crappy.

But I have to remember that Brother Berthan wasn't looking any better at this stage and hopefully I can get a good paintjob done here too.

I will try some lightning effects from the muzzle flash and a little glow from the blue power cords. The yellow part will all be NM-Gold, plus lots of shade...hopefully

Well fingers crossed :)
Thanks for your time - C&C welcome and appreciated.