Monday, May 7, 2012

Rear Guard (5)

Wow, this one was really hard!
More than just once I was tempted to throw the model off my desk. For some reason the model simply didn't accept the colors well...hmm, sounds strange...regardless of what I painted, somehow it never looked good.
2 times I was ready to throw her into a "Simple Green" bath to strip the paint.
Well I fought the urge and "bit my way through".

Here you can see my "cheat" photos. I took them right after the build with a little flashlight simulating the neon light, to give me a good impression of the lights and shadows.

And here is the final Sister Emila.

I'm so f***ing glad I'm through.

I took no step-by-step photos, as I never knew if what I've just done would work out.

But here we are now.

After I was done (and I literally mean DONE) with the sister, I started with the base.

Again, base colors only.

Not all colors are applied yet.

I still have to do the little control panel, the lettering on the door (Lauch Pad 5), the neon light itself, and, and, and :)

Everything will be toned down by several washes of Badab Black and Grisiphone Sepia.

And after that will be the actual shading and working out the light areas from the neon light...

hopefully :)
I hope you like this little update.

C&C welcome and appreciated.