Friday, June 8, 2012

ATHENA - Steampunk airship (80)

Thank you guys.
I'm glad you all like the progress on the ATHENA and am very grateful for your feedback.

As promised here are the first shots with the command deck in place.

As you can see, the interior is not very visible, that's why I plan to add some LED lights inside.

The LED's are ordered and shipped on Thursday, but since it's slow surface mail from the US, I guess it will be a while before they get here.

Looking at the current layout, with the tripple Earthshakers and then the two Hydras,

I realized that the two Hydras are blocking the side windows completely.

They rotate OK and would be fully functional, but they really make those side windows obsolete, don't they?

However, looking at the deck layout I have no real clue where else to put them.

In the rear, at the landing deck they don't really look good, and the take away quite a lot of the limited space back there...

Also, what else should I put on those platforms instead?

I will have to tinker about this for a while.

Most likely I will keep everything as it is (with the two Hydras on the platforms), but maybe you guys have some brilliant ideas?

BTW, here is a rare shot of the interior of the ATHENA.

As you can see there's plenty of space to accomondate any LED power source and cabeling. And some of those cut and bent plasticard strips show how often the layout of the ATHENA has changed :)

So, while tinkering about the deck layout, I built the rear wall of the superstructure.

As you can see it has the neccessary ornaments and also some blast doors that can be opened...

... I will most likely have a little scene back here, where some technicans and officers ready two drones. One will be a pure recon drone (just lifting off), while the other one will be an attack drone with armament being readied...

And a very specific liaison officer will be there too :)

But this rear wall has a lot of empty, plain space - and you know that I can't have that, right?
So I decided to add a new mural to it.

ATHENA herself watching over the landing deck :)

BTW, the image is based on this wonderfull 3D rendering of a Draenei by Denisa Mrackova.

So, what do you think?
I hope you like todays update and thank you for your time and feedback.