Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ATHENA - Steampunk airship (84)

Thank you for your feedback.
Agreed, I will not throw the Dragonfly away - sooner or later I'll find some use for it - but currently she doesn't fit the ATHENA.

Since the last update I added some final details and applied the neccessary rivets.
Here you can see the central rotor/engine,

which provides the lift.

The rear view offers a look at the two main exhausts (the ones left and right with the fins) as well as the two smaller, central heat vents.

From below you can see the actual engine for the forward jet, as well as the main jet exhaust for the central engine.

Close-up of the front,

and the side.

Now that the observation drone is complete I'm thinking about the second attack drone. Since it will have some kind of armament, I will most certainly have to alter the design - at least a bit.

While doing this I have finally the chance to work on the characters for the scene. Especially the liaison officer from the Dragoon Guards.
So I gathered some existing characters that were already build for the ATHENA deck, as well as a bunch of bits to build the new liaison officer.

May I introduce you to Sir Horace Remington :)

This is still a very early stage of the sculpting, with only the basic shape for his pith helmet.

A good Dragoon officer will need a dog (I think), so I hope I can give him a proper companion.

Here you can see the basic pose, with the dress code trosers.
The pith helmet taking shape.

And the final helmet.

I think he looks pretty good, doesn't he?

So Andreas, what do you think, is Sir Remington OK?

Once he's completed, I will send you a photo and you will have to tell me which colors to apply where. Also it would be good to know what his Rank is and which unit he belongs to :)

Thank you all for your time and I hope you enjoyed this little update.

C&C welcome.