Monday, June 25, 2012


Hey guys,
just a short update today - and not even really project related.

I just read Lord Gordons last post ( ) where he writes:

Do you like the idea of liaison officers?I think that Klaus and I have a lot of fun during the construction phase.Had someone pleasure and fun and ideas to share with the Dragoon Guards or other liaison officers?please, make a report to me!
to which I replied:

Yeah, it's really fun to think about collaboration ways between bloggers and thier armies :)
Over at the WIP forum dogplug is working on an awsome Ork warship
and the two of us are making joke on how the ship and ATHENA will fight each

So what do you think about this topic?
Do you want to/plan to work with other bloggers and share ideas, or even models to be incorporated in your army? Do you think of stories and fluff that (can) combine your army with maybe a real super cool and sexy army or setting of another player/blogger?
Let me know what you think or what your "wishlist" would be :)