Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Female characters for the ATHENA deck

Hey guys,

over the last days (well actually 1 1/2 weeks) I've been working on some female characters for the landing deck scene.

The idea had been lingering in the rear of my head for a while, but lastly I got inspired by a post on DakkaDakka by RSJake:

He's sculpting some nice female characters and has some wicked ideas :)

These are now the first WIP shots worth posting, I can't recall how often I have redone pieces on those two figures.

But now I'm at a stage that I'm satisfied with. In the background you can see the second figure as well as some InstantMold - by now I try to mold any piece I'm happy with - especially the basic face and boots. They were HELL!

So here you can see "Else", with a long skirt and medium-hight boots.

Also I'm still working on the dog - he's receiving the leftover bits of ProCreate :-P

Here I added the first sleeve and part of the jacket front to Else.

This is the head I plan to use for Else.

You see it's kind of Kommisar style, with a nice (hair) bun.

And this will be the head for "Emma", the other character.

She's getting a bit more steampunked, with the goggles and the load of hair.

There are still some lines I need to try to smoothen out, but I tell you, a real FACE in this scale is hell :-P

Last night my order for the new sculpting and painting aramtures from Stephan Rath (, aka derwish, arrived.

These are really nice!
Check them out at:
They come in 2 sizes (30mm und 54mm) at 12.-€ each, or if you take 3 (like me) for 32.-€ plus S&H 4€ (Germany) 6€ (Europe) 8€ (rest).

I tried them out yesterday, and so far I really like them!

Last night Else received her other sleeve and the second half of the jacket front. In her left hand she'll hold something like a riding crop or whip :-)

Unfortunately the rear of the jacket will cover most of her beautifull rear :(

Emma received her "riding pants" yesterday - I want them to resemble those WWII german officer trousers - together with the higher boots, this should look spiffy :)

She will wear a wide blouse (offering a good look at the cleavage) and a corset.

Well, that's it for today. Thank you for your time.

I hope you enjoyed todays update and look forward to your C&C.