Friday, June 22, 2012

Sir Horace - Praetorian Liaison Officer

Yesterday I was pretty happy and was about to post the images of Sir Horace here, when DaemonForge at Ammobunker pointed out the hand behind his back was wrong!

I couldn't believe it, I added a left hand to his right arm :(

I went through my bits box - this one is only arms :-P
But I couldn't find an open right hand (usually found on the Tank Commander sprue)

I conducted a quick amputation (I save you from the gruesome images ) and now, here he is!

Major General Sir Horace, former member of the Dragoon Guards Black Watch, now liaison officer aboard the ATHENA. Sir Horace is bearer of the Praetorian Order of Merit, the Commander of Praetorian Empire, and the very rare Dencarian Air Cross.

I think his pose is pompous enough.

The new right hand.

He will be observing how the Stingray drone is readied and taking off.

In addition there will be a kind of retinue around him, as well as crew readying the drone.
This is one of the officers built for the former ATHENA island.

He needs some final cleanup.

This will be the drone operator.

I will probably have to build a connector cable to his glasses, won't I?

He'll have a black bandana with white skulls :)

Another officer observing the launch operations.

And a guard.

I'm pretty satisfied with his face nad the way his hat turned out.

From the old build I still have this Tech Priest.

But I'm not so sure if he'll fit the scena, as he has his pistol and sword drawn.

What do you think?

As mentioned before, I'm still working on a dog for Sir Horace, plus one or two surprises. I will also build some NCOs and sailors that are readying the drones (like the second drone being pushed onto the deck), but here I'm awaiting some bits first.

I hope you liked todays update.

Thanks for your time and feedback.