Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Orkalypse Now (1)

Thanks guys!
@Mark - thanks a lot :)
But I think no company could make enough money with my models to pay me what I get in my current job. I tried something similar before, and connecting a hobby with "making a living" or earning money, is a quick way to loose the fun in the hobby :) In the end, it becomes a "job".
Though, I could see having a lot more time at hand, and spend it all in the hobby...lol...so I think I must win the lottery... :)

Well, after the cleanup of my desk I started to set-up the diorama scene.

The PONOS in position and the outlines of the scenery drawn.

Then I cut some Styrofoam and glued it in position.

Next I covered everything in my instant plaster and added sand and small stones.

With the PONOS in position...

The front area will hold a small stream of lava.

To make the diorama a bit more cineastic, I sculpted some small exposions and bullet impacts.

I will scatter them in the scene.

The first troopers are placed.

And the whole gang!

I'm not sure if I should add another wounded soldier or not.

Here are some detail shots (as requested by Vik at Dakka).

But please bear in mind they are far from finished, they still need a lot of cleanup and sculpting.

This guy will be "ramboing" with two rifles.

Pretty standard grenade launcher.

This guy will be throwing a hand grenade - so I will have to sculpt the hand just as the grenade is leaving it, still "connected".

Half standing, half kneeling with a SM Bolter.

A good shot of the rifle.

He's holding a rifle with an underslung grenade launcher - similar to the US M203.

Heavy Flamer :)

And the Platoon Leader.

Most likely he will have a cigar in mouth.

Finally the trooper in the roof hatch.

I will add a whole bunch of muzzle flashes, mabye even the napalm stream for the flamer (though I'm not sure if that wouldn't be over the top)

What do you think about the explosion in the foreground?

OK, or over the top?

"I love the smell of fresh Napalm in the morning!"

I'm also not sure if I should add some dead Orks...

...currently I think it is better without, so you don't see who or what is attacking, leaving it to your fantasy...

What do you think?

Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed todays update and I look forwad to you C&C.