Monday, August 27, 2012

Orkalypse Now (7)

Hey guys,
I hope you all had a good weekend and found a good balance of family and hobby time.

Since my last update I was able to create new battery packs for the Hellguns. They are created out of the standard IG Vox unit.
@cadian127th - hi Courtney, well I was thinking about using the standard IG backpacks too, but then these guys are just disembarking the APC, so I don't think they'd do that with the complete backback on. That would be too cumbersome - actually they'd have to wear the backpacks in the vehicle, and that is definately too cumbersome.
So I wnet for something small :)

Not too big and bulky I think.

All 4 units mounted.

Then I mounted the remaining heads.

Next item on my laundry list were the reamining muzzle flashes.
The first one I addressed was the autocannons flash - while bigger than the standard Bolter flash, it follows the same principle.

Except that it also has two small side flashes from the deflector cuts on the side.

While at it I created the remianing two bolter flashes - and in the background you can see the base for the heavy bolters flash.

Once they were cured I mounted them on the PONOS turret.


The flash on the Bolter,

and on Major Reisman's Bolter.

And finally the heavy Bolters muzzle flash.

Well the hardest cincematic effect was still on the list.
The flamethrower.
It took me several attempts, but this is what I ended up with.

Mounted to the model it looks great, doesn't it?

With the muzzle flashes and enffects completed I still had to add some personal equipment.

And I added some Purity Seals.

But now my Band of Brothers is complete!

Well, they still need their shoulder crests.

But other than that they are done.

Well, one effect I forgot so far.
The ejected cartridges from the heavy Bolter.

and a pile of brass :)

While the left track section still needs a few casted tracks, I decided to create a mold for the track sections so I can easily build another PONOS.

The mold looks good.

and actually the cast too :)
There are some bubble issues, but other than that the cast is pretty good.

Well, thanks for your time and I hope you enjoyed todays read.
I look forward to cour comments and feedback.