Friday, August 3, 2012


Thank you for your kind comments.

Todays update is rather short, as it is only about additional details.
I added cabeling and rivets to the hatches.

Some more details on the front.

With the track sections in position

On Dakka I was asked about load capacity. For this lets compare the PONOS to a Chimera.

The crew compartment of a Chimera is about 8x5 cm = 40cm2 and can hold 12 models. This would equal that 1 model takes about 3,33 cm2.

The crew compartment of the PONOS is about 12x8cm = 96cm2 and thus would potentially hold 29 models :)

With the additional hight and stuff, you can easily cramp a platoon into the PONOS.

Finally the track sections received their fair share of rivets.

And this is how the PONOS currently looks:

Still needs the tracks - I'm in the process of casting them - and the rear section still needs a lot of work.

I hope you liked todays update.

C&C welcome