Thursday, August 2, 2012


Hello all,

as I mentioned last week in my post "So many ideas" I have a lot of projects in my head and my entire planning just went astray.
Instead of continuing my work on the ATHENA and the female characters, I was distracted by the WIP Summer of Heroes Contest, for which I built the Can Opener pieces.
But even in the middle of this build I was distracted by another idea.
This idea involves an heavy APC and a IG squad - code name is "ORKALYPSE NOW"

To put the timing straight, I began work on the Can Opener on July 1st and worked on Cpt von Steiner, the diorama base, and the Cut'n'Crush walker for almost 3 weeks to the 27th.
As the contest required secrecy, I didn't post any updates during this time. Until I decided NOT to participate in the contest, and rather spill the project to you all.
So I posted the

while I already started the Orkalypse Now project.
So the following photos cover the actual build process of almost a whole week - not just 1 day :D

Without further ado, lets get to it.

Orkalypse Now will involve a heavy Dencaran APC and a squad of IG troopers under attack by some Orks (even though I am not sure if even one Ork will be visible).
For the APC I was planning something special. You all know that the Dencarans build big :)
ZEUS, ATHENA, get the idea :)
Browsing through the net, I stumbled across this beauty.

Which inspired me to this scetch.
Ponos is the Spirit of hard labor and toil.
I wanted it to look heavy, cumbersome, and retro to fit the overall theme of the Dencarans.

With the scetch at hand I started to draw up the first pieces.

And immediately cut them :)

As you can see I started off with the track sections.

In comparison to the Chimera.

Next was the basic hull.

With the track section in position.

It will also have a rear ramp.

Once I was satisfied with the basic shape of the hull, I started the section above the tracks.

The keep as much freedom during the build process as possible, I seperated everything into modules that I can seperate at any time.

With this I will have the option to access the actual hull and (maybe) even add internal details.

Since this section contains a lot of angled pieces, I had to use quite some putty and sanding.

But I'm really satisfied with the shape.

Next I started with the upper hull section.

I'm aiming for a "truck style" forward section, with a large hood. The rear section will have 4 hatches.

The hood takes shape.

Hehe, somehow I'm reminded of one of those old "Crocodile" locomotives, but it's exactly what I was looking for.

Chin up :)

All modules are seperatable.

Next I looked into the actual tracks.

Since I'm all for recycling, I decided to use the same tracks I already used for the HERCULES

They seem to fit well.

The PONOS will be armed with a heavy autocannon in a small turret

Scale shot with the HERCULES

With the basic build complete, I started the first details.

The paneling is similar to the HERCULES

I think this will look rather nice in the end.

Here you can see the first casted tracks and vision ports (also from the HERCULES)

The turret received some more details

And the commander received an independent sighting system.

The PONOS is bigger than a Chimera, but relatively close to a Land Raider in size.


The last two days I added all the super details.

additional armor plates, slogans, head lights, smoke dischargers, luggage racks, and, and, and...

and the front received some details also.

The rear still needs the ramp as well as some exhaust grills and some more details.

But I'm really satisfied with the very unique style and look of the PONOS.

So, some more details and then it will be time to start the Hero Squad and setting them all into the scene.

I hope you like todays update and I thank you all for your time reading through this rather lengthy update.

C&C welcome :)