Thursday, March 14, 2013

Taking a (hopefully) short break

Hi all,
on Tuesday I was ready to start priming.
I took all the sections apart, all models mounted on corks, and everything ready.
But in the afternoon we had a veterenarians appointment for our cat Lilly - just a check-up with blood sample.
While at the vet she suddenly got a panic attack and went literally hysteric.
In the process she bit me :(
Bled pretty bad on thumb and index finger, but we had no concerns.
Till Wednesday morning.
My hand was all swollen up, thrbbing, hot, red and very, very infected.
So here I am today :)
I have a small cast-thingie to keep the right hand from moving too much, have to take strong anti-biotics, and have to keep the hand wet from anti-septic...
Well done Mister Fischer.
Here you can see the hand while I was refreshing the dressing and putting fresh anti-septic stuff on it.
As you can probably see, it's still pretty swollen.
The one bite on the thumb is right on the joint.
The doc was rather pleased this morning, so I'm confident it will heal withou mayor complications and I can go back to work and painting soon.
Please be patient :)