Friday, March 8, 2013

The Ork with the Golden Missile (3)

Hi all,

as anticipated I didn't get much done on Wednesday due to the arts class, but yesterday I was able to make some progress.
Thanks for all the valuable feedback. I got some very cool title ideas:

  • The Grot who shoved me (Atreides127)
  • Grotfinga (Da Masta Cheef)
  • Moonrokkit (Da Masta Cheef)
  • ThundaBOOM (Da Masta Cheef)
  • Octosquig (Sam Buman)
  • Ork and let die (Chris the Invincible)
  • Thunderork (Chris the Invincible)
  • Orkraker (Chris the Invincible)
  • The living Orklights (Chris the Invincible)
  • Orktopussy (Nighthawk)
  • Diamonds are Forev-WAAAGH! (Nighthawk)  
  • For Red Eyes Only (Spacecat)

Maybe I should do a poll?

We'll see :)

As planned I started with the Strike Team.
I decided to make a 4-man team consisting of a front man with shield and pistol, two troopers with the assault rifle (as used in the Swift, Silent, &  Deadly), and one trooper with a combat shotgun.
The first guy I worked on is the Trooper with the Shotgun. You may notice that there is some green stuff work here.
I want him to be larger (and maybe a bit heavier) than the others. First go was just the "extension", when it is cured today, I can work on the Green stuff details. The Shotgun is based on the heavy flamer from the IG Command sprue.
Next was the trooper with assault rifle that will be shooting up to the gantry on the rear wall.
This is the trooper that will be carrying the shield. I found the arm of the wounded trooper to fit the positioning best. The Bolter was cut from another arm and still needs some love and care.
Finally in the rear center will a trooper with assault rifle pointing at Dr. Nork (thanks Colonel Hessler)
Once I had the arms in position I started to detail the modified weapons.
As in the SSD diorama the Assault rifle has a scope and silencer.
The "sergeants" rifle is the folding stock model.
Then I worked on the shield for the front man. As suggested by Fireball I added a weapons slot on the side.
However in the final position the shield is slightly tilted,
and so the pistol is not resting in that slot, but I think it will still look correct (I hope).
Well, and then the evening was over way too fast.
Only time left for some group shots (I realized I forgot to make a detail shot of the finished shotgun, I will provide that with the next update).
So what do you think?
I really look forward to your feedback and suggestions.