Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Ork with the Golden Missile (6)

Thank you for your patience :)
On Sunday the doctors removed the cast and exchanged it for a more flexible dressing - fancy red :)

 I was really lucky, as the infection was very good contained by the antibiotics and slowly but surely the hand is getting down to its normal size again.
Freed from the cast I started to slowly paint the Dr. Nork diorama.
All the rocks are in the orangy-brown that I also use for all the Dencara surface stuff.

Then I started to paint the first metal panels. Since the Dencaran Orks use any kind of scrap metal - including looted enemy armor, there are many colors and camo schemes in use.

Right now it looks very colorful :-P

But the first wash of dirty brown starts to tone down the colors

On Wednesday my right hand was flexible enough to hold some pieces, so I started to add details


I added another two washes of dirty brown and one wash of deluded black.

 Then I added some more details, like these welding seams.


And then it was "sponge time"!


Dirty, messy, gritty.

 I think now it looks quite Orky, doesn't it?

So what do you think?
I will still have to add a lot of metal spots, where the bare metal in the scratches comes through, and maybe some dust pigments....
We'll see.
Again, thanks for sticking around and taking the time to read :)
I hope you like this update and I look forward to your suggestions and feedback.