Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Zero Ork Thirty - or The Ork with the Golden Missile

 Hey everyone,

yesterday I didn't get much done other than rivets, but you provided me with a load of ideas and suggestions.
I'm not sure how much I can really implement, but I will try :)

First off, despite being Ork themed, I will have my usual grim dark setting like with the Orkalypse Now, or Stemming the Green Tide. There will be humerous spots and references to James Bond, but in general I'll try to keep it grim and serious.
References to James Bond brings me to the project name.
Zero Dark Thirty is kinda cool, but isn't really James Bond (on the other hand, I won't have a JB character in the scene - it is only JB inspired), so I went through the list of James Bond book titles:
  • Casino Royale - 
  • Live and Let Die - 
  • Moonraker - 
  • Diamonds are Forever - 
  • From Russia with Love - 
  • Dr. No - Dr. Nork
  • Goldfinger - 
  • For you Eyes Only - 
  • Quantum of Solace - 
  • Hildebrand Rarity - 
  • A View to a Kill - 
  • Risico - 
  • Thunderball - 
  • The Spy who loved me - 
  • On Her Majesties Service - 
  • The Man with the Golden Gun - The Ork with the Golden Missile
  • Octopussy -
  • Living Daylights -
As you can see there is room for some Orkifications, please provide your ideas :)

The first new item I created is the countdown timer, which will show 0:07 (thanks Spacecat)

Then I started to add rivets.
To the Missile,

to the science station,

the floor and walls,



and then put everything back together.

I think with this I have most of the scenic props in place.

Lets look at some of the suggestions:
  • A grey suit ala Blofeld for Dr. Nork (Chris the Invinvible) - I think this can be done and would look cool. If not I can still use the white labcoat idea
  • Use a shield with a weapon support slot - ala Forgeworld (Fireball) - yep, I think I can do that for the shield guy.
  • Captured and maybe tortured agent - ala Goldfinger (Mars2024) - I would love to add that, but I'm afraid I simply have no room left.
  • Smoke Grenades going off (Commander Cain) - another excellent idea, but I'm really not sure if I can pull it off, and where to position them - but I'll look into this some more
  • Australian rapell (head first) - thanks for the details Vex! One of the agents will definately go head first :)
  • Metal teeth for the guard boss (Sorry can't find who suggested that one) - hell yeah!
 Tonite I have arts classes again, which means very little time, but next step will be to assemble the actors and get the first poses.
I will most likely start with the strike team, then position the Orks and finally Dr. Nork and the 1 or 2 rappelling agents.

I look forward to your feedback guys!