Monday, March 4, 2013

MARS (2)

Thanks for the positive and encouraging feedback.

After I had the basic hull shape down, I looked at the legs itself. 
How high should the MARS be?
Hmm, why would someone designs a walking tank at all?
I guess so it can easily cross obstacles like trenches or small gorges and climb over obstacles such as walls.
So a certain height and leg-length is needed.

Hmm, too low.

Still not high enough I think...

This could work, without it being too high.

Next I looked at the legs itself.
They need to be (to a certain extend) rotatable at the "hip", as well as they need at least two joints.

Shorter femur and longer lower leg looks better I think

Looks rather spindely, but it can be fleshed out.

So I started to build out the joints.

 I want the legs to be movable, at least until I find the final pose within the diorama.

Here I started with the hydraulic pistons.

Maximum stretch

Fully functioning :)


Parts for the other legs.


Now that I have the first leg pieces together I'm suddenly no longer convinced.
I'm not sure why.
As mentioned in the previous post, previously I never thought that a walking tank would work for Imperial Guard.
Hmm, maybe this doubt is coming back?

So for the time being I put MARS aside and started something new (again! sigh!).
I already started over the weekend and an update will follow in a few minutes.