Wednesday, July 3, 2013

ATHENA- Steampunk airship (87)

Wow! The 87th post for the ATHENA - really a marathon :)

As mentioned yesterday, she's back on my desk.
The first pieces I worked on were the two Manticore launchers. 
The actual launch tubes were pretty much done, so all I had to do was to create a mount.
After the mount was completed I added details, such as rivets, lids for the launch tubes and some minor stuff.
Another open piece was the actual mount of the Earthshaker turret.
Quick and simple...
Of course rivets were needed too...
One item I am not sure about yet is another CIWS.
Do I need one?
What do you think? Is another turret needed for the right side, or will it make the deck too crowded?
Let me know what you think.

With the CIWS question undecided I wanted to improve the rear mural in preparation to adding lights.
For this I opened the rear wall and removed the mural (
Then I cut some clear plastic from an old keyboard packing and glued it into the mural frame.
Once this glue was cured I mounted the mural to the clear plastic.
Now it is protected and looks like a real mural on glass :)

And now the ATHENA is on its back, ready to receive the first light apparatuses...
not bad for the first hobby evening back :)
I hope you like this little update and I look forward to your feedback and suggestions.